The links listed below provide a wide array of information regarding domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence, child abuse as well as stalking.

Domestic Violence: 

Is an unhealthy pattern of behavior that exposes a partner (either past or present) or family member to the threat of physical force or actual force. It can take many forms & is not just experienced physically; emotional & mental abuse is also included & can be just as painful. The purpose of these acts is to breed fear & compliance by establishing power & control over the victim. It is an extremely prevalent epidemic within our nation & affects all ages, races, social classes & genders. Children exposed to abuse by their parents are much more likely to continue the cycle of abuse in their own relationships as adults.


Sexual Assault:

Is any act that is sexual in nature that breeches a person's trust &/or safety. In these acts of violence, sex is used as a weapon & is primarily motivated out of anger &/or the need to feel powerful by controlling & victimizing another. It includes acts such as: date/spousal rape, uninvited touching, sexual harassment, incest, exposure, etc.


Teen Information:

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