• Behavior that exposes a partner or family member to the threat or use of physical force.
  • Abuse can also be emotional, financial, sexual or psychological. These other forms of abuse can be just as painful
  • The purpose is to make the abuser feel powerful, and the victim feel controlled.
  • Domestic violence can happen anywhere to anyone, regardless of gender, race, age, or income.


End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin

National Domestic Violence Hotline


  • Any sexual act that betrays a person’s trust or makes them feel unsafe.
  • When sex is used as a weapon.
  • Rooted in anger or the need to feel powerful by controlling another person.
  • Sexual assault includes:
    • Rape or rape of a partner
    • Uninvited, unwelcome touching
    • Sexual harassment
    • Incest
    • Exposing genitals


Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

National Alliance to End Sexual Violence

Educational Resources

Power and Control Wheels

Cyber Security Tips

Consent Explained

Cycle of Abuse

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